A Cracking Start

If I'm being totally honest, I've already failed. 

This was never going to be an easy task, even for a for a diehard gadget geek, but I still would have liked to have made it to the 48 hour mark.


Let's back up.

When the new iPad Air 2 was announced and the reviews started pouring in criticising that, despite being the 'best tablet ever', it was just another iterative upgrade, I couldn't help but think that some critics were missing the point. And perhaps so too was Apple's messaging.

The already impossibly thin iPad Air may well have shed a few pound and may also need to go down a notch on its belt but it's what's going on on the inside that looks most exciting.

The power of the new A8X chip suggested this was the first tablet from Apple that could possibly replace the laptop as my primary device. 

I got to thinking. 

The response wasn't overwhelmingly positive.


Perhaps out of curiosity, perhaps out of stubbornness, or perhaps out of an overwhelming desire to be right - I felt it was time to test my theory. 

A few days of research later, I decided that, although being built for exactly this purpose, using the Microsoft Surface almost felt like cheating. Instead, I picked up the iPad Air 2 (64GB Wi-fi version) and challenged myself to use this as my primary device from that moment.

 (Primary device meaning that I always turn to the iPad first to complete any task, and I endeavour to use the iPad 95% of the time over my MacBook Pro)

Fast forward back to today, and I'm sitting here typing this post on the iPad - Success?

Alas no. I used my MacBook Pro to set up this blog. An undeniable fail before I'd truly started the challenge. 


That said, I'm not going to give up; I stalled the car before I pulled out the drive. Instead I view this failureas a need for a mindset change. I could have set up Squaresace on my iPad, I just didn't. 

Reaffirming myself to this goal - all the work I do to customise this blog will be completed on the iPad from now on, as will as many other everyday computing tasks. I'll documentment the process here, looking at battery life issues, personal storage and file management, productivity, creativity, mobility, entertainment, and any other challenge I find myself up against (how am I going to watch those blu-rays sitting on my bookcase from my iPad?). 

The age of tablet computing is upon us. Maybe.